Transform your business with FileMaker

With FileMaker Pro's rapid development environment, we can deliver a robust, secure and affordable custom app that will transform your business. goBizzy offers a complete service to develop a custom database system, re-engineer your business processes and migrate data. Use one of goBizzy's ready-made solutions, customise, add your features or talk to us about creating your own app tailored for your business.

mobile applications powered by FileMaker Pro

  • simple, easy-to-use, built for you
  • affordable custom applications that can change the way you work
  • compatible with mobile devices
  • software to support all your business activities, in the office or on the go
  • access your data anywhere, anytime
  • combine all your business data in a way that makes sense to you
  • run on Mac/Windows, web or mobile
  • minimal training requirement
  • off-the-shelf or designed for you
  • connected to your other systems

business and consulting services

  • FileMaker Pro database development and training
  • business consulting
  • project management
  • workflow design
  • data cleansing and migration