Our Services

A range of solutions and business services

We offer a complete service to get you up and running quickly with a new system that can transform your business.

  • designing and building custom apps using the FileMaker platform
  • providing iPad/iPhone specific solutions using FileMaker Go
  • FileMaker Pro development & training
  • cleaning up your data and migrating it to your new system
  • designing or re-engineering business processes
  • automating business processes
  • business planning and reviews
  • designing workflow to optimise your efficiency
  • FileMaker to Xero integration, to seamlessly send finance data to Xero
  • aligning/designing systems for quality certification (ISO), safety or other compliance requirements
  • assessment of IT needs/value

Choose a solution or design a custom app

  • choose a goBizzy ready-made database solution, or
  • start with a goBizzy solution and add features to meet your needs, or
  • design and build a solution tailored especially for your business

Value add with a goBizzy solution

  • integrate with your other database systems and apps
  • incorporate quality control into your solution design
  • enforce health and safety compliance
  • ensure your ISO compliance by aligning your solution