A customer relationship management system for small/medium businesses and Not for Profits.


  • Manage contacts and assign them to groups
  • View all donations/invoices for a contact
  • Relate contacts to each other
  • Powerful search functionality to select groups of contacts
  • Plan campaigns and events
  • Invite groups to campaigns/events, or send group mails
  • Link events to campaigns
  • See all sales/donations against campaigns and events
  • Manage projects

Management Dashboard

  • Keep track of open tasks, campaigns and events
  • Manage tasks for contacts, events, campaigns, projects
  • Manage clients


  • Store contacts details and search on them using simple and advanced search
  • Manage tasks/interactions for contacts and view a complete history
  • Add contacts to groups
  • See all donations/sales for a contact
  • View all campaigns and events for the contact
  • Add related contacts
  • Store documents for a contact


  • Add individuals or groups of contacts to an event
  • Store a brochure and attach to group mails and invites for an event
  • Create repeat instances of an event
  • Set available places, and manage RSVP/registrations
  • Record donations/sales for an event
  • Record tasks against an event and manage them through the dashboard
  • Export all contacts invited/registered for an event