About Us

goBizzy are FileMaker developers and business consultants based in Perth, Western Australia. goBizzy is a FileMaker Business Alliance partner, qualified to deliver professional FileMaker solutions designed for your business, with more than 20 years experience working with FileMaker.

Our consultants have a broad background which includes personal business experience (small/medium and large businesses) as well as extensive IT knowledge. We understand from personal experience how to use technology to deliver business improvement in the most effective way. Our mission is to assist businesses to improve their operations through the use of well designed custom applications and other technologies. We offer a full service covering both business and technical requirements to ensure your transition to a new system is a success.

goBizzy custom apps

  • quick to learn
  • intuitive to use
  • tailored for your business

goBizzy solutions are used across a range of industries including Manufacturing, Education, Agriculture, Trades & Services and Not for Profits.

with a goBizzy app you can

  • reduce administration costs
  • support service activities in the field
  • automate processes
  • control workflow
  • automatically send data to other systems (such as Xero)
  • automate complex reports
  • control quality
  • meet compliance requirements
  • slice/dice data to extract key information

goBizzy uses the FileMaker platform to deliver affordable solutions that run on Windows, Mac and mobile devices. With a goBizzy system you can get rid of your manual or paper-based processes, consolidating all your data in a single place. This will allow you to reduce your administrative load and focus on managing and building your business as well as delivering consistent, professional service to your customers.

features of FileMaker include

  • rapid development
  • out-of-the-box connection to your solution from desktop computers,  iPads/iPhones/tablets or the web
  • graphical capability for dashboards and reports
  • the ability to connect to other database systems
  • security features configured to your requirements
  • powerful search functionality

FileMaker is used world-wide across almost every segment of business.

Learn more… https://www.claris.com/filemaker/pro/