A feature-rich complete business management system including a fully integrated field service module, with iPad/tablet access for your mobile workforce and financial module integrated with Xero accounting. If your business manages sales and service, this is the solution for you.


Manage your customers, quotes and sales. Schedule and manage your service calls, invoicing them at the click of a button. Keep a complete service history for customer equipment. Keep track of products, stock and purchasing.


goBizzyService has a number of integrated modules, providing flexibility for the small/medium business. Provides guided workflow for your processes. Integrates with your desktop email and the Xero accounting system to reduce double entry and minimise paper processes. If it doesn’t exactly meet your requirements it can be customised/changed for your business. Watch the videos to see what gobizzyService can do for your business. See below for a full list of functionality.



  • Create new quotes/sales directly from the customer screen
  • Assign a special price list and payment terms to a customer
  • Send out customised price lists and forward notice of price changes
  • See all products ordered by a customer
  • View the full sales history for customers at a glance
  • View current balance and send statements
  • Keep a record of customer equipment and its service history
  • View full service call history
  • Record service reminders for a customer
  • Record multiple addresses and emails
  • Keep multiple contacts for a customer
  • Record tasks, notes and a history of interactions
  • Store documents for a customer
  • Simple and advanced search to find groups of customers

Field Service Module

  • Connect live to goBizzy from your mobile device, giving you access to all relevant information onsite
  • View all your service calls sorted by their priority
  • Generate new service calls on your mobile device and add new equipment
  • View a map and service address details
  • View the full service history of the equipment you are servicing
  • Easy clock–on clock-off to record time onsite
  • Comply with safety requirements using the safety assessment recorded for each service call
  • Record parts, comments, photos and job service data
  • Get customer signoff onsite and generate/email a service report immediately
  • Record adhoc reminders to be added to the next service call for the customer

Service Management

  • Plan and manage all your service calls from a dashboard
    • See all open calls and all calls which have not been invoiced
    • See all service calls waiting to be scheduled and assigned
    • Add and view service reminders, which will be added to the next service call
    • Store service documents, such as JSAs, which will be available to technicians on their mobile device
    • See a list of all products waiting to be constructed (if you also build/manufacture)
  • Set up service schedules for regular jobs. Service calls will be generated at the scheduled interval with email and system reminders
  • Ensure your technicians comply with Health & Safety requirements using your own customised safety assessment quiz
  • Service multiple pieces of equipment on a single service call, keeping track of parts used and measurements taken for each, storing a service history for each piece of equipment
  • Review completed service calls before invoicing at the press of a button, with itemised billing for all parts used

Quoting, Sales & Invoicing

  • Prepare quotes and convert to sales orders with no double entry
  • Streamlined entry of customer details onto orders
  • Quote builder allows you to roll up quote details to a single line for customer view
  • Add standard and special conditions to quotes
  • Automatically calculate customer special prices, volume discounts and shipping charges
  • Copy orders
  • Keep track of multiple deliveries/invoices for a single order
  • Print order confirmations and proforma invoices
  • Record payments and sync to the Xero accounting package
  • Print delivery/packing slips
  • Print commercial invoices for exports
  • Manage overdue invoices and send reminders at the press of a button
  • Issue credit notes for customers

Products & Inventory

  • Record multiple suppliers for a product
  • Convert costs to AUD for international suppliers
  • Record landed cost and volume discounts for a product
  • Easy to use search function
  • Create special price lists and assign to customers
  • Manage price reviews
  • Choose whether you want to manage inventory for a product
  • Inventory management applies to sales and purchase orders
  • Carry out stocktake and calculate stock value
  • Send email notifications to all customers who have ordered a product
  • For manufactured products, record and print the bill of materials
  • Record a quality check for manufactured products, and print a QA certificate
  • Store product manuals and documentation

Suppliers & Purchasing

  • View past orders for a supplier at a glance
  • See all products for a supplier
  • Select groups of suppliers and send bulk emails
  • View current invoice balance and send remittance advice
  • Keep multiple contacts for a supplier
  • Record tasks and a history of interactions for a supplier
  • Keep track of multiple deliveries/invoices for a single order – manage backorders
  • Copy orders
  • Record multiple invoices and payments and sync to the Xero accounting package   

Management Dashboards

  • Keep track of open sales orders, back orders and supplier deliveries
  • Manage tasks for customers, suppliers and service activities
  • Track stock levels and products with low stock
  • Track your open service calls/jobs and assign to staff
  • Manage payments, credit notes and overdue invoices
  • Check for invoices not synced to Xero
  • View sales trends with a simple chart


  • View staff calendars to see all service calls they are assigned to
  • Add events and other activities to the calendar for a staff member
  • Create service calls directly from the calendar

Customise for your Preferences

  • Customisable text for system generated documents and emails
  • Set defaults for many system processes, such as reminder periods, payment terms, ship free limit
  • Set your own questions for job safety assessment
  • Customise quote conditions/requirements
  • Pre-populate invoices with default account codes for domestic and international purchases and other information
  • and many more customisable options….